"The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get.”— Joanna Hoffman
messer moony

Robert Potter hated the fact that he was standing in the office of the minister of magic trying to convince her to come the hell home. It was like Charity was married to her work and not to him. She kept insisting that she needed to stay but Bobby just wanted her back to being close to him. 

"I know I’m an idiot and you regret marrying me…" the man said, hanging his head slightly. "But please come home," Charity was working nonstop. Things wouldn’t have been so bad if Bobby hadn’t had to go to bed three nights in a row but that was how things were. Charity worked far too much.

"Bobby, I have…" and then Charity realized what he had just said. She regretted marrying him? How could he ever think that? "I don’t regret marrying you," she said firmly. She had been in love with Bobby since she was sixteen years old, there was no turning back from that.

"You don’t show it." he said in a defeated tone.

In an instant Charity was up from her desk. She hardly knew what her feet were doing but they were carrying her towards the man that she was married to. She would not let him think that she did not love him anymore because that wasn’t true. Pushing him up against the wall she kissed him as hard as she could. For a moment Bobby didn’t know how to react but then suddenly he was lost in her kiss. “I love you,” she breathed as she pulled away.

Blinking slightly at the fact that a much younger and excited version of Charity had just taken over Bobby decided that going home wasn’t the only answer. She could stay here; only if he could stay with her. “Okay, maybe we can stay here tonight, but I’m going to distract you from all your work.” he said, leaning in to kiss her neck. His hands went to her waist so he could shuffle them enough so that he had her pinned up against the wall.

"Sounds perfect to me."