"The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get.”— Joanna Hoffman
messer moony

"Tell me again what happened," Mylo said with a laugh. He had been away for the weekend while Alexis had thrown a party and was now just getting the scoop of all that had happened.

"Blake showed up with Brooklyn but as per usual a few hours in the car together and they were fighting like Cats and dogs. I thought Blake was behaving when he was talking to Trent," she began to explain to Mylo for the second time. She had sort of flown through the big parts when she had first told him on the phone but now that he was home from tour she could explain a bit more.

"Who is Trent again?" Mylo asked.

"My friend Madison’s brother. The ones who were in the car accident a year ago, I flew out to go see them," Alexis said trying to drag Mylo’s memory back. He nodded a few times before she continued. "Turns out Blake was just complaining about Brooklyn and how he wanted to do something to make her angry,"

"Doesn’t everything Blake does make her angry?"

"That is what I thougt too but this is where it gets good." Alexis said with a small laugh. The whole party had been like a mini soap opera but she still seemed to find the humor in it.

"You mean this is the part where we find out about your cousins bisexual tendancies," Mylo snorted.

"Shush. Let me tell it," Alexis said, playfully swatting at him. "So Brooklyn went to get Blake and her a drink so she could bring it back and they could make up but instead she walks in on Trent kissing Blake,"

"That is when she ruined your best wine glasses," Mylo added in. Alexis’ grin grew and he could tell she was enjoying his comments. He loved that the two of them could have fun like this but he wished he had actually been there.

"Yes, those ones. So Brooklyn freaks out on Blake and then storms out. He takes after her but she takes the car." Alexis continued on with the story. "By the way I’m leaving out the side plot where Mrs. Zellers showed up with my father and the two of them got drunk and made out in my house because I’m still disturbed and bitter." Alexis said with a frown. Her father often made her life miserable but she let it go because he was her father.

"Fair enough. Continue with Brook and Blake," Mylo said knowing that Alexis going on about her father was never a good thing.

"So Blake stayed at the party and one of the girls there starting flirting with him. She’s a friend of a friend so I’m not sure who she was," Alexis said with a shrug. "Brook came back and saw that but she didn’t start screaming this time. Instead Trent who was drunk decided he wanted to start more trouble and then the two of them started,"

"You never told me how this ended." Mylo remembered as Alexis carried on. He had heard the basics of this story but Alexis had insisted on keeping the punch line for when he returned. She had said something about wanting to see the look on his face.

"Well, I’m not sure exactly but Trent left with Brook and Blake who were headed to their hotel," Alexis’ smirk said it all. Her cousin was in an angry sex relationship with a co-worker that most days he couldn’t stand. Would it be so far fetched to assume a threesome had been in the works? Of course not.

"And the tabloids are interested in our relationship? Hell we’re boring compared to that," Mylo laughed.

"You think we’re boring?" Alexis said, putting a fake hurt look on her face.

"When I’m away from you? Yes. Now? Never,"   

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