The Following Fanfiction: Trigger Girl Revival

Chapter 4 - Biology

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Chapter 3 - Aviation

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Level 8 - Director Daniel “Ray” Raymond - James Spader
Level 7 - Agent William McCarthy - Daniel Craig
Level 7 - Dr. Maxwell Dreyfus - Karl Urban 
Level 6 - Dr. Malcolm McCray - Kevin McKidd
Level 6 - Agent Sean McCray - Gerard Butler
Level 5 - Agent Eizabeth “Lizzie” Danvers - Eliza Dushku
Level 5 - Agent Derek Cohen - Matt Bomer
Level 5 - Dr. Anna Brower - Olivia Wilde
Level 5 - Agent Ian Scott - Alex O’Loughlin
Level 5 - Agent Elsa Meyer - Gal Gadot
Level 5 - Agent Henry Faulkner - Charlie Hunnam
Level 5 - Agent Aiden Penny - Barry Sloane
Level 5 - Dr. Sarah Holmes - Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Level 4 - Agent Landon Bishop - Zac Levi 
Level 3 - Dr. Brandon West - Shawn Ashmore

Agent Ian Scott
Director Daniel Raymond
Agent Henry Faulkner
Agent Derek Cohen
Agent William McCarthy
Agent Sean McCray
Dr. Malcolm McCray
Dr. Maxwell Dreyfus 
Agent Aiden Penny 
Dr. Brandon West

Agent Elizabeth Danvers
Agent Elsa Meyer
Dr. Anna Brower
Dr. Sarah Holmes 

Valentine Fanfic Meme List

List of the one shots I have completely for my Valentines challenge. These will be updated as I add more. I’ll send a message to your ask box when yours is posted. xo.

Rory/Amy for caustic-audacity
Reid/Maeve for nataleewood
Steve/Tony for alternate-andriod

Special Agent James Burke - Supervisor 

Special Agent Rosalyn Walker - Bomb Specialist 

Special Agent Ethan Kennedy - Tactical Expert

Special Agent Mollie Irish - Tactical Expert

Special Agent Liette Bordeau - Cult/Religious Specialist 

Special Agent Zara Mantenga - Press Liaison 

Special Agent Killian Ivory - New Agent

Special Agent Irina Zao - Technical Analyst 

Special Agent Ryan Darcy - Everything Specialist 

Remodelling and massive planning of my new world monarchy novel begins. After breakfast. And second breakfast.