"The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get.”— Joanna Hoffman
messer moony

For some reason they hadn’t let Mylo take Alexis into the room with him. He was going to get his test results back and then have to come out and tell her. Alexis was terrified but she wasn’t going to leave Mylo either way.
In the time that they had waited for these test results Alexis had come to care for Mylo more than she had expected. She still teased him for saying that sleeping with her could have been the worst thing to happen that night that he was wasted especially now that they were sleeping together. Somehow they had become a couple. 
It was quite possibly one of the best relationships she had ever been in. Her therapist disagreed but Alexis didn’t listen. The only reason her therapist didn’t like Mylo was because he was someone else Alexis would try and take care of. She was clearly a codependent. 
It had been over thirty minutes. Alexis was sitting in the waiting room of the specialist’s office when Mylo came out. His expression was blank and as he sat down he said nothing. Alexis didn’t speak first, she didn’t dare; instead she just waited.
"I…I have it." three words just changed their world. Mylo’s dad had died from the exact same issue that was now confirmed to be inside of him as well. He knew that it meant he only had a short time to live. The whole life he had imagined was flying away before his eyes. He hadn’t even told Alexis that he loved her yet. 

This was pretty much the image of their relationship out in public; sunglasses and a just keep walking attitude. They had become like every other celebrity couple. They had waited a little while to accept the rumors from the tabloids and come out into public. It could get obnoxious at times but once they were back in the safety of one of their houses it was all worth it. Even the cameras were worth it because the two of them just worked in a way that neither of them had ever expected.

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