Sleep is supposed to be about recovery.
Recuperation. Revitalization. Rest.
But I fought sleep because I knew what was coming:

Where every ailment of the day became a monster
and where happiness is defeated in a fell swoop.
Trapped inside a sleep cycle,
until my body becomes so aroused by fear that it wakes itself up.

There is no recovery in nightmares.
There is no recuperation.
No revitalization, no rest.

There is only fear. 

The Following Fanfiction: Trigger Girl Revival

I’m doing a huge rewrite of my original concept. So it begins.

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Al couldn’t believe it. He was alone in this world. His world had fallen apart over two years ago when his daughter had gone missing and shown up dead three weeks later but he had started to recover. It had been with the help of his two friends Chloe and Seb that Al had come out of a dark depression and started to live again. He had attempted to take his own life once but Seb had shown up just in time. It wasn’t as easy as he had thought it would be. Since that say he had been on constant Seb and Chloe watch.

Not anymore.

The Regime had been after the Weasley girl and her ex-Regime lover for years now but Al never thought that anyone could catch up with Seb and Chloe. Chloe had always been so invincible and Seb knew how to quickly disappear. The two of them had kept Al safe and alive all of these years that he had never imagined that either one of them could get hurt.

The worst part of it was that two days ago Chloe had found out she was pregnant. Their first child. They weren’t even married yet. Of course Al was sure that Seb would have to do quite a bit of convincing to get Chloe to walk down the aisle. She wasn’t a white dress kind of girl. Still, if anyone could have convinced her to tie the knot it was Seb. The two of them were meant for each other and Al had known that before they did. 

Looking at the picture of them on his desk at home Al knew it was over for him. No one else matter now; his two best friends were dead. The two of them had been tortured and slaughtered in their home. He had been the one to find them. It had become so irregular for Chloe and Seb to let him go more than twenty four hours without seeing him so when they hadn’t shown up in two days he had went to find them.

There was so much blood. He was still covered in it now. As his hand reached and touched the picture he smeared some over their faces by accident. Immediately Al gave into tears. It didn’t last long though. He got off of his knees and went into the desk drawer. Seb would have killed him if he had seen that Al kept a gun here but he didn’t care anymore. There wasn’t anything left to care for. All there was was pain.

But one shot and the pain was gone.

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So unless you’ve blocked the tag I’m sure you’ve been plagued with my writing stuff lately and so here I am again. I’ve finally started. I only have about eight hundred words for the opening but I’d love some honest opinions on how it is. Feel free to go on anon but I’m not going to hate either way. The opening is under the cut.

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